Frenzy of Colour

This year, because we had such a long winter in Winnipeg, I can’t wait to see colour—a frenzy of colourful flowers and leaves. While I wait, I’ll have to satisfy myself with some photos I’ve taken over the years.

Dandelions, like in the feature photo above that I played with while editing, are weeds that I love. They are hardy and show up early. The star-shaped blue flowers, below, turn up soon after that in a park along the river near my place.



Then there’s the white and yellow of daisies on a green background.



This tree must love the plush purple carpet at its feet. 



There’s nothing much better than leaves that turn red in the summer sun.




Or variegated leaves that mix it up.



Or green duckweed floating on a pond at Fort Whyte Centre. 



Fuchsia in a friend’s backyard.



Hydrangea and their turning leaves. 



Vines under a bridge.



Frosty leaves.



And, when it’s too cold out for real flowers and leaves, we have kid’s wall-art to get us through.


6 Replies to “Frenzy of Colour”

  1. “Look! My first batch of dandelions!” After a very difficult winter, my mom was so excited to spot a clump while we were running errands last week. They are hardy like her. ❤️

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