Looking Down, I’m No Fool

Early spring in Winnipeg means lots of icy patches, puddles, and pot holes. You’re a fool if you don’t look down while walking. And even by the time the calendar changes to April Fools’ Day, it’s still a good idea for your own safety. 

But there’s another, more happy, reason to look down—the reflections. Like the evergreen in the feature photo above. Or the high-rise, below, that seems to be sporting a beard made of branches.




This building appears to be dipping down for a drink.



This person might be diving in.



Blue sky, reflected in muddy puddles, certainly improves grey hydro poles, drab towers, and leafless trees.





There are all types of angles and lines to be found.




Be careful crossing the street and keep an eye out for driver’s who don’t try to avoid hitting the puddles.




But don’t be a fool and miss those great reflections.


12 Replies to “Looking Down, I’m No Fool”

  1. I’m thinking about portals to other realms – like you said about the person about to “dive in”… I like the disjointed perspectives you get in reflections, and you found some good ones!

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  2. I love these, Louella. I’ve been fascinated by the idea of photographing reflections (though I haven’t been successful at it but you’ve inspired me tom try again) ever since I encountered the work of Kiripi Karembo Siku. Did you know about him? You can see some of his photos at https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/07/14/kinshasa-puddle-photography_n_5578762.html. Heartbreakingly, he died of malaria aged only 36 in 2015.

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