Inside My Apartment

When the weather is cold, and I really don’t feel like going outside, I sometimes take photos inside my apartment. We had some super cold days right at the end of 2018, so now I have some photos to share. People who’ve never been to my apartment get a chance to see it through these photos. And those who’ve actually been there get to see it in silver tone.

The feature photo, above, shows what you see when you walk through the door into my living room. Those windows face west and allow a view across the river (when the blinds are open, haha). If my apartment was empty it would be rather mundane, but for that view. Luckily, it’s not empty.



What makes any apartment special is what you put inside it. I don’t have fancy furniture or other expensive items. I have things that make me feel welcome and happy when the door swings open. I hope the same holds true for people who visit.

For me, a home is a place where you can put your feet up on the couch and look around at things that please the eye, the mind and the spirit. There are books, old family photos, art, along with other quirky items that have real meaning. Oh, and of course, there are little clotheslines (gifted from a couple of close friends) on which I hang photos I’ve taken. They are often changed, of course, based upon my mood or the season or which ones happen to be my current favourites.



A bathroom is a useful place, but it also needs some colour (for now you’ll have to imagine oranges and yellows because… silver tone, haha). Stripes and circle patterns are good, too. And, leaning against the wall, there’s a ceramic painting of a beach scene that you can enjoy while you perch on the toilet.



The bedroom has the usual—a mirror, clothing in the closet, a bed, a dresser. But there’s quirky stuff to, like a modern lamp with a shade of handmade paper, an antique lamp with chandelier glass hanging thingies (I can’t remember what they’re called), and wall art for dreaming. 





Back in the hall there are books, photos, a box of colourful rings, and other stuff.



Across the living room, in what’s supposed to be a dining room, is my writing/photo editing desk area and a door to the balcony.



The next two photos, of the kitchen, were taken a few years before the rest—they, along with a drop in the outside temperature, gave me the idea for this post and the use of silver tone.




When you leave don’t forget pick up anything you may have left on this wood trunk (a handmade wedding gift my parents received in the early 1950s) near the door. 



Then grab your jacket from the coat rack and you’re on your way. 


 Bye for now. 

6 Replies to “Inside My Apartment”

  1. Thank you for the tour! The `chandelier glass hanging thingies`are called lustres (lusters), or maybe drops (a photo would help 🙂 ). What are the `colourful rings` you mentioned – jewellery? Is that an Edward Hicks picture on the right over your bed (Paradise or Noah`s Ark or something?)? Do you have a picture of the view? I really wish I could drop by!

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    1. Glad you are interested😀You can see the lamp reflected in the mirror. Rings I wear are in the box Mom got me. Yes. Hick “Peaceable Kingdom.” Check on the FB post, I will dig up some photos of the rings, etc. 😀

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