The Little Evergreen Who Could

At this time of the year, I could have chosen to post bright coloured lights or wholesome street scenes, but I didn’t. Instead, I decided to post photos of this tree, let’s just call her Tree (because I do tend toward personification anyway). I like to think of her as the little evergreen who could. 

Version 2


I first discovered Tree in December of 2015, her upper branches laden with snow. She’s had a soft spot in my heart ever since and this must hold true for the owners of the apartment building she lives beside. There are some people who would have cut Tree down when, as a youngster, an animal ate away some of her branches (it’s possible the damage was done by a human vandal, but I like to think it was a wild animal in search of food).



As soon as I saw Tree, I thought about what might have happened. I grew up in the country and certain animals liked to nibble away at young tender greenery. Below, is a photo of a contraption my Dad constructed a few years ago, at the property where he now lives, to protect his garden from deer. It’s designed so the plastic plant pots catch the wind and rotate, thereby scaring the animals away. 



In March of this year I happened to walk past Tree just as a bit of snow was sprinkling down. I looked up and was embarrassed that I had forgotten about her. So, of course, I took a few photos.



Trying to redeem myself, I went back after it snowed more, in late November, to take more shots. Here she is in her full glory.



And here she is in another closeup.

Version 2


An evergreen like Tree is perfect for a blog at this time of the year.


Happy Holidays.

6 Replies to “The Little Evergreen Who Could”

  1. That is touching that the building owners just left her there and intriguing how a black spruce got there and what happened to her. Just looked it up to see if – as I thought – they are common here on the eastern edge of the boreal forest and found out that black spruce is actually our provincial emblem! Beautiful imaginative photos as always!

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