In, On, and Out of the Snow

When snow falls overnight it’s tricky to get out there at the right time. If you’re too early you won’t have the light, but if you don’t get out soon enough the walkers and their dogs will have messed it all up. It’s kind of like deciding whether or not you should write early in the morning, when your head is clear, or wait until later when you mind is full. But minus the yellow snow bit.

On this day, I was lucky with the timing and only saw a few yellow patches. I would never photograph those, of course.

Version 2

Then, once the shots are taken, the next decision is whether to leave the photo in colour or not. Sometimes your eye tells you. Other times you can’t decide and you ask for someone else’s opinion. With writing that could be a person in your writing group or a writing workshop member.

Version 3

And what about composition? Should you leave it as is or crop the photo? Do you want distance or a closeup? It’s similar to revising your writing, too. With practice you get a feel for it.

Version 3


Sometimes you want more detail for the eye. Just like description and detail in writing.


Version 2

Other times you want to be a bit of a minimalist, and keep it simple.


Version 2

Or maybe super simple.


Oh, and the snow is a cheap alternative to a light table, haha.

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