In a Fog

I get excited when I hear the weather forecaster predict fog—the exact opposite of the dozy feeling that comes to mind when people talk about being in a fog. It’s as though early morning fog was created specifically for photographers and writers, but I know it’s for everyone to enjoy.



So, early on a January morning in Winnipeg, when I looked out the window to see fog instead of a snowstorm, I was beyond myself. I almost forgot to exchange my bedroom slippers for boots before I was out the door. And then, to add to my pleasure, when I got outside it was warm enough to operate the camera without mitts!



Pops of colour cutting through the fog, like the lights mingling with the trees along a sidewalk leading up to the Manitoba Legislative Building, can make a lovely photo. And you might get the added bonus of a burnt out light, to add a little touch of quirky to the shot.



Fog helps create atmosphere or mood—it’s suited to noir visions because it looks so good in black and white. When you’re out there it softens sound as well as sight. I’ve used some of these photos as prompts for writing pieces that I wasn’t expecting to create.



Fog can make even boring high rises look exciting.



Plain old streetlights can become something special.




And a fancy streetlight can turn into an even fancier silhouette. 



It was a Sunday morning when I took these photos, so there wasn’t much traffic, which was good because sometimes you have to stand in the middle of the street to get an angle or a certain type of shot.


So take advantage of the weather when you can, but do be careful when you’re out there.

22 Replies to “In a Fog”

  1. Good bleak December Morning Louella: How did I miss this entry until now? Like your other viewers I love foggy days. I get energized and creative. Good photos

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  2. Hello fellow Canadian. I love the photos with the yellow streetlights! I lived in Manitoba for 11 years; not Winnipeg, but Roblin, Swan River, Dauphin, and Cypress River. Of course we went to Winnipeg often.

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  3. Well done Louella! I love the yellow lights and the last two photos especially. If you permitted me to, I’d be very happy to share those four on my blog with credit to you and links back. If you’re ok about that, let me know. Cheers, Liz 🙂

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